Who are we?

By seeing opportunities in society, creating value, and working together with both business and academia, we set up projects that eventually become independent businesses. This way we want to contribute to a better world through ustainable businesses. At present, Enactus VU has five start-ups, two committees, a six-member board and a council of advice. Most members are part of a project team. This implies that they are responsible for setting up or running one of five social enterprises. With their entrepreneurial approach they make social impact inside and outside Amsterdam. In addition, we attach great importance to personal development and team building. This is why we organize Team Meetings, Feedback Evenings and other activities throughout the year. A Team Meeting is a monthly event where all members of Enactus VU meet for a workshop or college of an expert. A feedback evening takes place every two months and is an evening on which the University Advisors, Business Advisors, Members and the Advisory Board meet to jointly brainstorm the projects. There are also annual events with major partners of Enactus Netherlands like Heineken and the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

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