Franziska Schaadt

             Leon Polman

         Jochem Gietema

Franziska Schaadt is an alumnus of Enactus VU. During her Enactus VU career 2015-2016 she fulfilled the role as President. In the present she works as a social selling coach for B2B individuals, corporates, social enterprises and NGO's.

Leon Polman is an alumnus of Enactus VU. During his time at Enactus VU Leon fulfilled the role as HR and project manager.  Nowadays, Leon studies organization sciences at the University of Utrecht. 

Jochem Gietema is an alumnus of Enactus VU. Jochem is an example for startups within Enactus VU. In 2013, Jochem started working on Energiekliek within Enactus VU and exited in 2016. Nowadays, Jochem is the fulltime entrepreneur behind Energiekliek.


             Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to The Board Members of Stichting Enactus Vrije Universiteit. Advisory board members provide the foundation with knowledge, understanding and strategic thinking.

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