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Seeing opportunities and the talent to turn those opportunities into value.

The quality to transform an idea into result.

Individuals that together are larger than the sum of the parts.


By finding opportunities in society and creating value, working together with academics and business people, we start projects that become self-sustaining businesses. That is how we contribute to a more sustainable world and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.


Enactus VU is the student incubator for social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam. Are you talented, entrepreneurial, value-driven who cares for society? Then you are the perfect candidate! Apply now so you can support social enterprises together with other students. Currently we are looking for start up members and also for the events committee and the marketing committee.



Enactus VU

By seeing opportunities in society and creating value, and working together with both business and academia, we set up projects that eventually become independent companies. In this way we want to contribute to a better and sustainable world.

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