Each startup is set up with the idea of fulfilling a (future) need. The startups are at the heart of Enactus VU. At Enactus VU we work as a team to give the startups the best possible guidance by means of seminars and feedback nights. The seminars are organized with the idea of making them as close as possible to the startups. We use the feedback nights to help startups with specific questions. Doing so, each startup can help their own member, while also helping out other startups with their problems. Should a startup need professional help, we will switch our advisors. These advisors are professionals in their field. With the help of the advisors, speakers and members of Enactus VU, we try to guide a startup in the best possible way.


Our vision is to make programming ‘cool’ for highschool students. Our goal is to do this by introducing educative and exciting programming lessons to these highschool students. In this way, we make them interested for the subject by providing a playful way of getting a first touchpoint. Our approach is to use (IT)-students as teachers, and a school/daycare as the location for the project.


Lokaa⅃ (Local in Dutch) is a small-scale urban agricultural project of Enactus VU, which aims to create an educational, social and economic value in the field of Urban Farming by cultivating crops in homemade greenhouses at primary schools. Our ambition is to transform the vacant classrooms on primary schools to areas where research is done and eventually crops are produced together with childeren at the age of ten.


The ThinkTank is a new position starting from September 2018 and thus, is still in a pilot phase. The aim of ThinkTank is to support Enactus VU with generating new and sustainable start-up ideas, doing market research on new ideas and then test the start-up ideas out by executing it in the real world. This position requires a lot of creativity, eagerness and open-mindedness! Are you up for this challenge and have a creative mindset? Apply now for this positon!

    Startdate:                         3 September 2018
    Number of free spots:    Three
    Phase:                              Focus

    Startdate:                          3 September 2018
    Number of free spots:      Four
    Phase:                               Focus

    Startdate:                          3 September 2018
    Number of free spots:     Three
    Phase:                               Pilot

Art project with elderly

We see that at a very old age, elderly people start to lose their artistic sense of touch and feeling. However, becoming old does not mean you can not have a creative spirit! During this project, university students get connected with retirement homes where they will give art workshops and craft creative artworks together with old people. Ranging from paintings to clay works, everything is possible as long as you have the knack for it. At the end of every session, the elderly people get to chance to sell their artwork on websites like Etsy. There will also be art contests among retirement homes to decide the best artworks!

Edible Cutlery

In our society, we see that a lot of plastic waste is generated by global food industry. Think about the plastic cutlery used during celebratory moments like birthday parties or informal drinks. How do we reduce this in a sustainable way? Our solution: why don't we replace these plastic cutlery with edible and biodegradable ones? At Enactus VU, you get the possibility to work on this sustainable idea as startup. Step by step, you will work this idea out with your startup team and come up with the best solution for plastic waste. Since this project is still in a pilot phase, this makes it more challenging and enjoyable for the very eager students among us.

Any creative ideas?

  • As a startup member at Enactus VU you work together with your team on your startup project.
  • But of course, we are also open to new and creative ideas from you!
  • And that's why, it's also possible to come up with your own startup at Enactus VU.
  • A startup member commits for at least one school year to guarantee the stability of each team.
  • As a startup member you will spend 5-8 hours a week on your startup.
  • Every 3 weeks a workshop or feedback evening is held alternately to support the startups. In addition, the startups are also supported by our own Business Advisors.

    Startdate:                        3 September 2018
    Number of free spots:   Five
    Phase:                            Pilot

    Startdate:                         3 September 2018
    Number of free spots:     Five
    Phase:                              Pilot

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