Seeing opportunities

Our vision is to make programming 'cool' for high school students. We strive to do this by implementing programming classes as courses during their regular school day. This way we stimulate children to explore the field in a playful manner. We use IT-students as our teachers, and we teach at local highschools. 

Take action

Students do not quickly choose an education towards ICT. There is little knowing about this sector, just a small group of highschool students who are very interested in it. This is remarkable as there is still much demand for highly educated IT specialists. The aim of Codem8 is therefore to make students in the age group (12-15 years) aware of what you all can do with ICT and ultimately try to address a social problem (unemployment) and to participate in the digitization of society. So, we want to show that encoding is not only difficult but can also be very fun. Action: Motivated students with a passion for IT, we link to highschools where they teach a course about the basics of programming. We also go to other schools for information to provide insight into the possibilities offered by ICT. The following video illustrates the social problem that Codem8 wants to solve.

Looking for new members

Codem8 is currently looking for new members. The past year the project has made many accomplishments, and the first coding classes at high schools are already planned. Do you want to develop the project to a self sustaining business? Apply now!
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