Looking for opportunities

In almost every food service company a lot of good food is thrown away on a daily basis. This causes unnecessary waste of food. Share Your Appetite sees the opportunity to solve food waste in these companies by giving this food a new destination, and what better destination then households who do not have access to enough food? In Amsterdam only 1.226 households use the food banks. These people could benefit from the food that normally would be thrown away.   

Taking Action

Share Your Appetite has started a partnership with sandwich store BackWerk. The past year Share Your Appetite has launches several pilots where they brought sandwiches to Leger des Heils and the food bank. Hundreds of sandwiches found a new destination, which would otherwise be wasted. 


Currently Share Your Appetite is developing a sustainable businessmodel. It is important they generate a model which ensures profit. In the end Share Your Appetite aims to be a self sustaining business which is not dependent on donations and volunteers. 

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