See Opportunities

When setting up a new start-up idea, there are a lot of matters to consider: think about budgeting, business models, permits, but stating your company vision or mission, and so on. In short: a lot needs to be done if you want to create your own startup. It takes a lot of time and effort. That is why Enactus VU comes up with a solution for this: the so-called "ThinkTank".

Take Action

ThinkTank will go live starting from September 2018! The ThinkTank will function as a supporting body for Enactus VU and will be responsible for generating new startup ideas, researching these new ideas through market analysis, and finally A/B testing it and then implementing it in practice. In addition, the ThinkTank will be fully up-to-date regarding new trends and developments in the field of social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and societal problems.

Moreover, this body will support the current startups (if needed) by sharing relevant knowledge, exchanging ideas, but also giving tips & tricks to help the startups overcome any obstacles. Contrarywise, the startup teams can also ask for help from the ThinkTank.

Make Progress Possible

ThinkTank will be able to generate new start-up ideas through market research and analysis reports. After fine-tuning and testing these ideas, a new start-up project will be finally launched.

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