The Beginning

Each startup is set up with the idea of fulfilling a (future) need. At Enactus we find it important that every startup focuses on a social problem. Besides that every startup has a social value, it is also important that a startup is economically profitable. Startup invests its revenue directly back into the company in order to strengthen the company's growth opportunities.

The Growth

The startups are at the heart of Enactus VU. At Enactus VU we work as a team to give the startups the best possible guidance by means of Seminars and feedback nights. The seminars are organized with the idea of making them as close as possible to the startups. Feedback nights we use to help startups with specific questions. For example, each bootup can turn on the help of other members. Should a startup need professional help, we will switch our consultants. These advisors are professionals in their field. With the help of the consultants, speakers and members of Enactus VU, we try to guide a startup as well as possible.

The Exit 

After a startup has reached a certain size, it is ready to split from Enactus VU. This is called an exit in operating terms. After completing the exit route, the startup is written to the Chamber of Commerce. After the exit, the startup continues as an independent company.

Startups of Enactus VU

At present, Enactus VU has five startups. These startups range from programming with children to growing crops on the VU. Enactus VU is always open to new ideas and startups.

Becoming a project member

If you are interested in becoming a project member you can always apply through our website. As a project member you are required to spend approximately 6-8 hours a week on your project. 

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